When Chef Kevin Binkley sets out to do great or train great, he does. With the pressures of Binkley’s Restaurant consistently pulling him in a new direction, a game time decision was needed on what to do with his final casual restaurant, Cafe Bink. Enter Chef Justin Olsen. In need of a new opportunity and trained by Chef Binkley for over 5 years at Binkley’s, Chef Justin was the perfect partner for Cafe Bink. And yes, we said partner. Now at the helm of the kitchen, Chef Justin has already put his knowledge, training and passion to work. With a revamp of the menu – 14 new menu items to be exact – its just the beginning of bringing Cafe Bink back to what it’s been known for: Fresh and locally sourced ingredients used in simple yet delicuous dishes, Cafe Bink is back. Come on in and say hi.