How far ahead can I make a reservation?
A: Binkley’s opens reservations 6 weeks in advance. If you have a specific date in mind and do not see that is available, please email or call the restaurant for assistance.

What days are you open?
A: Binkley’s is open Wednesday through Saturday. There is one dinner service each night, beginning at 6:30pm, for 20 guests.

What is the dress code?
A: Dress is business casual; jackets are not required.

Can you accommodate vegetarians?
A: Yes. Please note your vegetarian preference when you make your reservation.

Can you accommodate vegans or dairy free?
A: No. Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate vegans and dairy free at this time. Please call the restaurant to discuss further.

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions and/or allergies?
A: Due to the menu changing regularly and the amount of guests we serve each evening – we typically are unable to accommodate. For more information please call the restaurant.

What can Binkley’s do to help celebrate a special occasion?
A: We love that you want to spend your special evening with us and will do everything we can to make it celebratory. Please note the special occasion when you make your reservation.

I have children and would like to take them to Binkley’s. Is Binkley’s able to accommodate children?
A: While Binkley’s does not have a separate children’s menu, many children dine with us and enjoy the food served to them from the menu. It is, however, a 3-hour dining experience, so please take this into consideration when including children.

How long will dinner be?
A: We here at Binkley’s want you to enjoy yourself, so dinner is never hurried. Dinner will last between 21/2 to 3 hours with many courses. Our goal is for our guests to have an enjoyable and memorable dining experience.

Can I order wines by the glass/bottle, cocktails, or beers after I arrive?
Absolutely. We have a very knowledgeable staff who can assist in selecting a glass or even a bottle of wine during your dinner. We also have a full bar and select beers that can be ordered when you arrive.

If I forget to include the add-ons in my reservation, should I just order when I arrive?
No. We need to know prior to the day of your reservation what add-ons you desire so we can be prepared for dinner that evening. Please call or email us prior to your reservation if you want to make any additions or changes. We will do our very best to accommodate you.